Blood Bowl: Badlands Blitz

“We are…The Blitz!” – Badlands Blitz

Playing Blood Bowl off and on for nearly 30 years, owning multiple starter sets, one would think I’d have fielded an Orc team before. Not until late 2015.

Historically, I haven’t been a big fan of the orc team, but I have always been a fan of the 40K Goff Rocker models and desired to paint them. The BB universe has a few anachronisms within, so figured those rowdies would work as BB sideline figures. Being the main inspiration for putting together a BB team, it would be the band that would also drive the team fluff.

The general idea is that Badlands Blitz (the band) has dates across The Badlands, The Dark Lands, and the World’s Edge Mountains. To hype their fan base with Waaaagghhh, they’d play over the fever pitch of a BB match so schedule opponents along the tour. The BB team in tow is a necessary part of the show. On the flip side, when the team qualifies for a tournament, the band accompanies them…never turning down an opportunity to melt the faces of races in Old World.

The team doesn’t have a coach in the way most teams do. What they have is an old, crusty, retired BB player that bankrolls the operation. He also uses his contacts from playing BB back in the day to set up these shows across the Old World. It’s the energy of the music that coordinates the play on the field.

In my head, the Badlands Blitz sound sort of like the Anti-Nowhere League. Same gravelly voice as Animal. Same offensive lyrics. Same biker-type appeal. The band/team logo is even a riff on The League’s fist logo:

I played the team for the first time at Nufflween III where they introduced the other teams to the brutality of “Raaawwwkk and Waaagghh”. The Blitz didn’t win many games but ground their opponents into the pitch and carried the ‘Most Brutal’ banner back to the east side of the World’s Edge Mountains.

The boyz then went on a bit of a hiatus until receiving an offer to play the double header of Orclahoma V and Spikey Cup IV. Again, the team on the field didn’t put many balls in their opponent’s endzones, but they proved to be fan favorites…and sold out of merch on the first day causing a riot in every one of their games at Spikey the following.

I wouldn’t say Orcs are my favorite team to play. I’ve had a lot of fun with this team though and am pleased to see that they’re performing at about the level they should per their fluff. Lots of damage and excitement around the ball…maybe less of a focus on putting it in an endzone…


DreadBall Team: Glamrokk Systems Dynamo


Finished up another DreadBall team this weekend, the Brokkr, and the first that I topped off with the upcoming team captain player in mind. Seems that in next year’s DreadBall release a lot of what where MVP characters will have their minis moved to a team captain role which will provide some coaching benefits while on the pitch.

Anyway, when coming up with the color scheme for this team I looked to Italian glam rock band Giuda’s 2013 release “Let’s Do It Again”. Besides being an incredible album, the cover and interior are done up as if the band were a 70’s RollerBall team.


Initially, I was going to go with the darker main color, almost black, but with the black bases in DreadBall, I decided on something a bit lighter to provide contrast. I may have gone a step too light, hoping the shading process would darken it up a bit more, but with a large pile of unpainted minis yet to knock out, I decided this was good enough. I went with the solid uniforms, but yellow trim on the shoulders/sleeves, but the main bit of inspiration I got from the cover is the grease or ‘eye black’ under the eyes. Not sure why I’ve never applied that to any of my Blood Bowl or Dreadball teams yet, but it makes perfect sense. Particularly with the neon lights, shine, and glare of a DreadBall pitch.


For the name I leaned on the Rollerball motif some more. James Caan’s team is from Houston in the flick and my MLS team is the Houston Dynamo, so there ya go. Glamrokk as a nod to Giuda’s music, while sounding like a viable sci-fi locale or entity, but two k’s because, well….Brokkr. Finally, continuing the idea of each team having a corporate sponsor and I introduce the Glamrokk Systems Dynamo.

Mordheim Ruined Building 2


Unfortunately, I recently had a hard drive crash and lost a LOT of things including the pictures of this building getting built. Essentially, the techniques used were exaclty the same as the last building, with the notable difference being that I used crochet mesh, cut to size to simulate multi-paned windows. Just one way to give different buildings a bit of character and help each one look just a little different. I personally don’t like tables where all the terrain looks very uniform.

Again, questions, comments, and criticisms are always welcome.





Gaming Extras


This post is all about the “extras” of tabletop gaming. You know, the things that aren’t absolutely required to play the game, but make the game much better if they are there. First up is the Mordheim specific, wyrdstone counters. Sure, you can use the cardboard 2D counters that come in the box but who wants to do that when making custom 3D counters is SUPER easy. These can be done in a single evening and look great on the tabletop. They are made from craft glass pieces from your local hobby super store, stucco patch, craft popsicle sticks, and plain plastic mini bases.


For these counters I used round bases, even though Mordheim uses the standard Warhammer square bases because at the time, I just could not find square bases… So round it is! I made 6 counters even though most scenarios call for a maximum of 4. This way, I have a few extras just in case. All I did was add a glob of stucco patch to the top of 3 of the bases and glued shaped popsicle sticks to the top of 3 other bases. Once the patch and glue dried respectively, I sanded off the excess with a standard rotary tool being careful not too sand away the plastic of the base. After that, it was just a matter of gluing one piece of glass to the top of each base. And since this is craft glass, there are no sharp edges to worry about cutting yourself on. Once that dries, base coat with black spray paint and drybrush up the individual parts accrodingly. As with everything I do for the tabletop, the counters get a thick coat of spray clear gloss(because gloss is thicker and tougher than matte) and then a coat of clear matte to knock down the shine.


Extra bridges and ladders are also always nice to have around to accommodate different table setups. These are very easy to make and can also be done in a single evening. The ladders are simply bamboo skewers with square toothpicks as rungs and detailed with either “nails”(created from leftover cutoffs from crochet mesh I used on one of the buildings I made) glued on, or string wrapped around each rung. The nail heads and rope(string) on each rung is labor intensive but the results make it worth the effort.

The bridges are just craft popsicle sticks, shaped and cut, with the occasional square toothpick added in, again detailed with “nail” heads. Both ladders and bridges are super easy to paint. Just base coat black and drybrush up with progressively lighter browns, then pick out the details with appropriate colors.