WHQ: Silver Tower – Halfling Fieldwarden


For some reason,  I continue to hijack my efforts to paint the models that actually come in the box…so here comes another custom hero!

I’ve long been a fan of the wee folk ever since I started playing in fantasy worlds in about 1980. Perhaps it was too many viewings of the Rankin-Bass versions of The Hobbit and Return of the King?  Maybe it’s due to one of my favorite Basic D&D illustrations, by Jeff Dee, featuring a bold halfling holding his own during group planning with a more towering member of the party? Likely because I admire their rural lifestyle and long to live out in the country down in a hobbit hole.


Whatever the reason, I had to get one into the Silver Tower. Now, I’m not even sure if halflings exist in this modern era of the Age of Sigmar, but again one of the strengths of the antagonist being the Gaunt Summoner is that perhaps this agent of change is able to pull heroes from across time. I’ve recently posted a 40K character and a player from the Blood Bowl universe…now, keeping within a GW-verse, here’s a hero from the Old World.

Initially, I envisioned this character to be a hardened and experienced member of Lupin Croop’s Fighting Cocks. However, I was convinced that ‘Halfling Fighting Cock’ may not be the best character title. ‘Fieldwardens’ were also a position in the Old World, so let’s go with that. Besides, none of the other characters have such a specific title…I don’t think. Fieldwarden is nice and generic. I suppose in the head cannon of my games he can be a member of the renowned Fighting Cocks.

“For the Moot!”


Note: I can’t take full credit for the paint job on the mini above. He’s a re-claimed/re-purposed Mordheim mini that a buddy initially painted up for one of his warbands. I touched up Mr. Furryfoot, re-based him, and brought him to the tower.


WHQ: Silver Tower – Slaughterpriest Warduke



The September 2016 issue of White Dwarf was a return to form of sorts of putting actual game content back in the monthly magazine. This issue contained new rules for nine board games as well as included a free ‘Slaughterpriest’ figure for their Age of Sigmar game. Well, he’s also usable in Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower and the newly released GORECHOSEN. Having recently acquired Silver Tower, I was able to get my hands on this figure to add to my set. Desired because he looked to fit an old school Dungeons & Dragons character I was a fan of as a kid…Warduke.


I poured through what was left of my bits box, to see if I had any wings or anything for the iconic Warduke helmet, but no such luck. Beyond, that the Slaughterpriest looked like a great model to use as re-imagining or ‘Warduke in the Age of Sigmar’ as it were. Warduke’s left arm is encased in blue chainmail. The Slaughterpriest doesn’t have any chainmail on his arms, but his left arm is swole as if he received a gift or mutation. I attempted to make it look like this gift resulted in a blown up blue arm and his skin color fades from the Kislev Flesh to blue. I also needed to add in two very small green stuff orbs in his helmet to paint red for his glowing eyes. I had considered going with a glow/lighting effect around these orbs on the helmet, but there doesn’t look to be enough space for my meager talents. I think I’ll leave it as is.

At any rate, here he is…Warduke arrives in the Age of Sigmar ready to challenge the Gaunt Summoner’s Silver Tower.



I’ve also debated on how I was going to do the bases on the minis for this game as he is the first figure painted for Silver Tower. I had considered going with dungeon tiled bases, but think I’m going to stick with blue/grey sand as it’s more versatile should I actually use these models in an Age of Sigmar game proper, GORESHOSEN, or whatever.

Note, a few posts back I mentioned seeing the reunited Misfits and some less than positive thoughts I had about Danzig’s banter. Well, ironically, since then I’ve pretty much been listening to the first three Danzig albums a lot. ‘How the Gods Kill’ has been the theme song of this Warduke model.