S.01 Teams

The Brothers-X, owners of The Pit, have used a recently discovered metal, ‘Durabranium VIII’ to outfit their toughest miners into a ramshackle Dreadball squad funded through their ArdCorp operation. To support this team, they’ve propped up their own league. What business does a mining facility have for a Dreadball league? Why increase traffic and attention to a working facility? And what is in The Pit stadium’s secret sauce that is so addictive?
Azog was a powerful orc who claimed rulership over the abandoned Forge Father mines of Moria V during the Last Parsec Wars…losing a left hand in the process. He became the leader of Moria V and initiated the War of the Fathers and Orx by disintegrating Father Thrór, who had come to revisit the ruins of Moria V. Later, he had a son named Bolg. Bolg formed Azog Prosthetics after his father was murdered by squat scum. Bolg believed that if Azog had a left hand his father would still be alive and ruling Moria V. So he formed Azog Prosthetics so that no deserving Orc would be without the advantage in battle. The company sponsors the Flesheaters so that more money can be earned and dedicated to more R&D for orc prosthetics.
DNA_Zeeroes-06Kleptonex Labs has long been on the brink, with failure after failure of products not penetrating their markets. In a last ditch effort, they have teamed up with retired DreadBall player, “Steel Horse” Hue. Hue’s claim to fame is that his record sheet notes a ‘0’ in the missed games column. He’s never missed a match…granted he never scored either, but that wasn’t the point. Over night, ‘Technical Developers’ at Kleptonex Labs have spun their own twist on the cloning procedure of BioNod Insudstries. With the hopes of splicing Hue’s high endurance DNA, Kleptonex Labs hopes to commit to the grid a team that will save the company. If not, the Zeeroes can always be recycled for next seasons batch…er, team.

rrsNestled deep in the inner part of the Star Realm sits the planet of Rokskilde. This mineral rich planet is home to one of the rowdiest groups of the Rokkrs in the galaxy. They take pride in their nickname of Rockhounds, for their ability to pull off any mining job that comes their way, no matter the difficulty or danger. So when the call came up to field a team for a small Dreadball league, the support was immense amongst the the Rockhounds. Assembling the roughest and toughest Rockhounds was a challenge because of the turn outs for the trials. Rest assured that only the roughest and toughest Rokkrs are used to field the squad. Known through the galaxy for their toughness and durability, it’s said that a Rokkr has never been knocked over in a match, but for tripping over his own feet (usually while intoxicated). Their primary strategy, if you can call it that, is just to hurt as many of the opponent’s players as possible, because if the opponent can’t field anyone you win! But if absolutely necessary they might attempt a strike (but that sure isn’t their forte). The rockhounds have only seen limited success so far but if it involves hittin’ or drinkin’, or both, they game anytime!


Tech prodigies, Rick Garrity and Sonny Taniyama, were interns at the Banzai Institute for Biological Engineering and Strategic Information, Advanced Robotics and Cybernetics. They spent their days at the institute re-configuring decommissioned military cyber-soldiers for peace-time purposes under the watchful eye of acclaimed Professor Tohichi Hikita.
Their budding genius would soon blossom into boredom, however, and the two young men would find themselves tinkering with spare parts late into the night. Before long, they had created the Variable Purpose Automaton (VPA), the Swiss-army knife of robots. Impressed with the flexibility, speed, and toughness of their invention, Rick and Sonny began sneaking the VPA into the underground robot fighting pits. The boys continued to hone their invention, rapidly rising up the ranks of the underground fight scene.
Unfortunately, success results in fame, and soon caught the attention of Professor Hikita. Outraged that the students would revert their peaceful assignment back to violent purposes, Professor Hikita recommended their expulsion from the institute. However, Doctor Banzai himself was so impressed with the VPA’s engineering, he urged the young men to turn their iron golems toward something far more ambitious: Dreadball!
Doctor Banzai sponsored the boys in creating an entire team of VPAs. They spent their days constructing and programming their alloy marvels, and their evenings studying the tactics of the great coaches in Dreadball history. Naming their team after the dragon-like scales of ancient, Japanese armor, they submitted their charter to the League. Unproven and untested in the arena, they were sent to the proving grounds of the PDL in the Outer Sphere.
The Banzai Institute has already deployed VPAs to dangerous rescue missions in the asteroid belt mining colonies, and scientific explorations beyond the sphere. It is the wisdom and intent of the great Doctor Banzai that the improvements made to the VPAs to bring home PDL gold will translate into great technological advancements to benefit mankind for generations to come.
Dr. Klakas, a low-level researcher of the Ultromi Biologia, on the Ultrom homeworld of Utr, was desperate to save his job. Even though he was a brilliant meta-gene splicer, he was guilty of the most grievous offence: he was not profitable. In a last ditch effort to save his job, he developed Mutagen-T, laced with the DNA of Teratons, Triceratons, and a rare, long-extinct, sub-species of mutated Earth turtles. His purpose: merchandizing! If he could create the ultimate Dreadball team, the resulting royalties would keep his lab, and his job, flush with cash for decades. When he presented his proposal to the board of directors, he was nearly laughed out of the room. But Mr. Skleeg, a low-level manager from marketing, saw dollar signs, and agreed to take on the project. Although angered by the farcical aspirations of these two young employees, the board grudgingly agreed to fund the project, with half the requested budget, and with one condition: turn a profit in one solar cycle, or face disintegration.
Because of their tiny budget, Skleeg decided to run the team through their Earth-based subsidiary, the Techno-Cosmic Research Institute. Earth’s poor economy, and low-valued currency would make operations cheap. Next, they needed a coach. They found their unlikely leader in the sewer, a 10th generation, mutated rodent, Splinter-X, master of ancient martial arts and street hockey. Unproven, and without sufficient franchise fees for anyplace else, the team was forced to start their journey in the lowly PDL.
Can these hulking, rampaging reptiles teleport and smash their way up the PDL ranks? Can this unlikely blend of uncanny biology and underhanded business win the hearts of die-hard Dreadball fanatics? And most importantly, will the Green Machine sell enough t-shirts to escape certain execution? Tune in to the PDL to find out!