Required to play:

  • The PBBL uses the most current rule-set. The CRP ruleset as found here. Coaches are required to have a copy.
  • Teams, players, and head coach must be named.
  • Teams must have a team logo. You can use the generic race/team logo as found on the team listings starting on page 74 in this document, or any other logo you want.
  • Coaches will all meet on designated nights to play their games or forfeit that match if they can’t make it. (We’ll do our best to align schedules ahead of time, and proxy coaches are fine if need be.)
  • The following spreadsheet is a good tool to help create your team. It will do all the calculations. When finalized email the commish the roster and he will compile them into one official season. Spreadsheet
  • After each week, the spreadsheet will be uploaded to the front page containing all results and updates.

Specific PBBL rules:

  • Each team beings the season with 1,000,000 gold crowns and must have a fan factor of one.bb_illus_comp_12
  • All games are played at the same time, so when a new weather is rolled it affects all players immediately.
  • The PBBL allows for bounties.
    Players may place bounties on specific characters. Pass the team name and character along to the commissioner as well as how much you are willing to put up. This amount will be awarded to any coach who has a player injure that character.bb_illus_2nd_rule_4
  • The PBBL supports a Player of the Week.
    Each week the coaches will elect a player of the week (PotW). This is a player that has put his neck on the line in front of the thousands in attendance (and millions watching around the world!). There are no set criteria as to what makes a player of the week, but some examples are:
  • The player that received the most SPPs that week
  • The player that filled out his stat sheet the most
  • The player that, against all odds, made a miraculous play that will be talked about for years to come.

Coaches, if a player on your team was selected as the PotW you will need to provide a one paragraph article to be posted on the front page of this site detailing his play. Having a PotW, your team will receive an extra point of FAME for the following game. This promotion of the player’s exploits brings the fans out in force to cheer on the rising star.

  • All inducements are allowed, except Star Players, Mercenaries,  and Special Play Cards.


  • After 6 weeks, the top four teams will play in the play-offs.bb_illus_comp_101



Screen shot 2013-05-23 at 9.57.35 PM2013_wk4_pbbl


19 thoughts on “PBBL

  1. Chaos Dwarves are pretty good. Sure they’re “just” dwarf linemen + human linemen + bull centaur, but dwarf linemen are the best in the game! And the bull centaur is a beast, get him the ball and it’s a virtual touchdown.

    Haven’t decided on a team yet, trying to see if anyone local has one for sale/trade. Maybe Humans or Chaos? You guys look pretty bashy, probably don’t want to go elves.

  2. Or maybe dwarves … I played them in high school, not to any great effect, really. Always felt hampered by the low movement. But maybe I can get them to work now …

  3. Mr. White says:

    Dwarves are masters of winning the 2-1 game. Let the other team receive and score quickly. Then dwarves take the rest of the first half to score, receive the second half and take all half to score.

    First three teams here look pretty evil… we’ll need a good team to be the ‘face’ of the league to pull in the kids and ratings…

  4. Well Chaos, Dwarves and Humans are my front runners so far. I’ve never really tried elves before, not sure how well I’d do on the agility/passing game. Kind of takes a different mindset to keep your players out of harm’s way but still be tough on defense. I guess it’s just the case of a good defense is an amazing offense. I’d also like something I could practice with on the Xbox game, but only Wood Elves are available. Unless I buy the Dark Elf expansion.

  5. Mr. White says:

    Practicing on the xbox…huh? A ringer… 🙂
    I haven’t played this game in years and will need to brush up on he new skills.

  6. Yeah, neither have I. I used to play in FUMBBL a lot, but that was like 6 years ago. I’ve been working on a Dwarf logo today in case I do dwarves. Wood elves are bizarrely calling to me though.

  7. sgtdave says:

    It is Motorhead. Werewolves in helmets, as if it were custom-made for my team. I even named them “Hell’s Bastards” after the MHead album, “Bastards”.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Nice Motorhead logo! Also the name of my coach is on my spreadsheet. It’s “Greasy” Axel something

    • Mr. White says:

      Here’s our theme song as performed by our traveling road band, Gwar. They attend all matches across the old world and it’s mandatory for our fans to riot and destroy pitches at any event…regardless the outcome.
      The theme song for the GorGorth Gorgons, by Gwar about star minotaur, Gor Gor (see a pattern here?)

      (hand sign to be revealed on game day)

  9. ok, I didn’t realize we were posting entrance music links. since i’m playing orcs I think this is about the only thing I can think of that’s abrasive enough to fit them. 🙂

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