Age of Sigmar: Skirmish in Chamon

Finally, have enough of my Age of Sigmar Skirmish table to show, but before I get into the painting choices, I want to direct any readers to two brief reviews I wrote on the terrain and mats I use.

Terrain from Advanced Terrain

Mats from Mats by Mars

We come to AoS through Silver Tower and the AoS Starter set. So, having a bunch of Tzeentch and Stormcast Eternals…it only makes sense to set our skirmish games in Chamon (map on the right in the image below). Originally,  was thinking about using the default Shadespire setting, but Chamon is going to be the way we go. I didn’t know too much about the Metal Realm so ordered that Quest For Ghal Maraz book for background. I do know the realm looks to be painted in purples and blues:

This actually works in my favor as I wanted our table to have a simple, uniform look. One problem I’ve had with the GW AoS terrain is that the mats and pieces are so colorful (_especially_ those mats!) that I feel like the minis sort of get lost. My eye has a hard time parsing everything with all the bold colors everywhere.

So, with that issue and the colors in the map above, I went about finding a darker mat and painted my scenery bits with few colors. The hope is that my board feels like a ruin in Chamon, but more importantly, our models ‘pop’ out and are easily distinguishable on the battlefield.

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