DreadBall: Ghosts in the Grid

Later in the month, I’ve got some out of town guests coming over…old buddies I used to game with. Since most of us are interested in Dreadball, I figured that organizing a single day season would be a lot of fun. Never content to leave well enough alone, I also decided to put a little spin on it and created a brief narrative for the season.

Looking for an angle, I happened upon the Gemini models. Not my favorite figs but reading their fluff I found a spark. I’ve retooled their background for this purpose and you can read my bad fiction and poor rules writing in the packet below. I had hoped to have Melody (striker) and Harmony (guard) to have their ‘skin/flesh’ parts appear more holographic, but I don’t have that level of talent. In frustration, I ended up just going with a gloss over those areas and now they look wet. Oh well, I think the idea will be there come game time.

A Pit Visitor’s Guide to Ghosts in the Grid

The last couple of pages are my standard League rules, but it’s the first few with this mini-season’s specific notes. Some coaches have already asked a few questions, so clearly I need to rework the rules a bit. Initial questions are following. Hopefully, I can debug any others before the end of the month.

Q: What happens if the shocked player is holding the ball?  Does melody/harmony cause a turnover or do they get control of the ball?

A: No turnover. Melody can make a pickup roll or the ball scatters. This event happens at the beginning of a turn, so the order is: randomly decide playeR, place them in sin bin 2, place correct Gemini model in their space, if DB player had the ball, roll to retain ball (if Melody), if not scatter ball, then player begins turn…to include moving the Gemini model.


Q: Is the player physically going to the sin bin, or is Gemini taking over the suit of the player while the player is unconscious?

A: The player physically goes into the sin bin. After 2 turns you can run them back out as normal. The thought is, I want coaches to have the option to slam Gemini on their own team. However, if it’s a player’s physical body Gemini is controlling coaches may be reluctant to injure their own player.


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