WHQ: Silver Tower – Stormcast Liberator

Games Workshop puts out a nice little book called “Getting Started with the Age of Sigmar”. Fantastic book that includes the background and rules for the game as well as a free Stormcast Liberator model for about a sawbuck. Nice package.

My son, having read through this, and a few modern White Dwarfs I have, has taken to the Stormcast Eternals. Now, the Stormcasts aren’t really my thing. As a child of the 80s, my inspiration pulls more from traditional British flavoured fantasy…Warhammer Fantasy Role Play, Fighting Fantasy game books, the Robin of Sherwood tv show, the film Hawk the Slayer, and of course, Lord of the Rings. However, I will note that I think a single Stormcast, as depicted on the cover of the Silver Tower game, can be quite intriguing if not heroic…in the same way that I think the Green Knight character in Warhammer is the business.

That said, I think an army of Green Knights would be lame, and that’s sort of how I feel about the Stormcast. One is cool…an army…I dunno…not feeling it. Either way, it doesn’t matter though. Stormcasts are here and likely around for the next decade or so. They are the flavour of Games Workshop fantasy of my son’s childhood, and he loves them, so ‘ere we go.

Finally getting around to painting a Silver Tower hero proper, I’m beginning with the Questor Knight. At the same time, my son wanted to paint his first mini…and that free Stormcast Liberator was chosen for duty. Now, I had initially wanted to paint the Questor Knight in the same manner as on the cover, but my son would prefer I go purple instead of blue, as he’s imagining his own purple and gold stormhost. Even if I prefer the blue, he’ll get more of a charge with the Knight being purple, so why not…

And my son’s first ever, fully painted mini…the Stormcast Liberator.


Surprisingly, the two models look pretty close in quality. This is either due to Games Workshop’s credit in developing a line of heroic models that are easy for a 10 year old to paint….or after close to 30 years of painting…I still paint like a 10 year old. I’m hoping it’s the former.

There doesn’t seem to be a hero card for a Stormcast Liberator, so after reading through some issues of White Dwarf about Eternals, and the Liberator specifically, pouring over the existing Stormcast hero cards, I’ve cooked up the following:

On initial reflection, I think if I were to change anything it would be the ‘Hit’ value of the Sigmarite Shield would be a 4+. As is, the character is designed for a kid to play, so he may skew slightly powerful.

I’m finally getting around to putting paint on the Silver Tower adversaries, so hope to start playing fully painted games soon. In preparation, here’s the pair of Storm Bros ready to tackle the Silver Tower.

Remember my preferred fantasy aesthetic? Not having totally sold out to the Age of Sigmar…later in the summer I’ll begin my first foray into Middle Earth…


3 thoughts on “WHQ: Silver Tower – Stormcast Liberator

  1. Nice to see someone who’s into middle earth BSG, its hard to find anyone who plays it. Anybody i’m lucky to play with is a friend (or my partner) who I’ve ropped into play it with me!

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