Blood Bowl: Faucons de Brionne

A companion piece to the last post, this is my take on the other half of the 3rd edition box set. The plastic humans.

I have always been a fan of the Bretonnian fluff in Warhammer Fantasy Battles, so converting the team using Bret knight heads was a simple conversion to put a squad of knights on the pitch. I do use them with the human roster, and don’t necessarily have any strong feelings toward whether there should be a Bretonnia specific roster or not. However, with four different elf teams and undead teams, I can definitely see the argument for more human teams.

Anyway, I’ve sort of framed this team as a pro-wrestling/renaissance fair style theme. The team isn’t really made up of knights, they have more honorable things to do, but athletic citizens of Bretonnia dressed up in pageantry for the crowds. The team plays out of Brionne and their name, The Falcons, is in honor of the birds that Lord Fredemond summoned to assist in a aerial battle with greenskins in a battle at Brionne during the early years of the unification of Bretonnia. For fan appeal, we have players dressed up as historically significant or legendary Bretonnian heroes. So, the Green Knight and Repanse de Lyonnes (WFB’s “not-Joan of Arc” character) at the moment.

Playing humans has always been a struggle for me as I find myself pulled in too many directions in regards to their generalized strategy. I rolled this team out at a tournament last spring (ROT Cup) where I didn’t win a single match and ended up at the bottom of the list. In an attempt to redeem that performance, I took the team again this year where the boys, and girl, performed much better. We ended up recieivng an award for most TDs scored at the tournament. And if it weren’t for an Underworld team, we would have played at one of the top tables. Underworld…I’ve _never_ beaten an Underworld team in tourney play…perhaps a post for another time.

Anyway, a few tourneys in with this team and I feel I’ve got a better grasp on their abilities. I think I’m going to let this squad rest for a bit and focus more on another team for the near future.

Enjoy a few glamour shots. Blitzers have the full fancy Knight of the Realm helmets. Lineman, the more simple grills. Catchers are opened faced, as is the Thrower with his bowl cut.

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