Return to the Dark Future

Dark Future and I have an on-again, off-again relationship that goes back to about 1988. I’ve bought and sold the game twice, and the last lot (about a decade ago) I figured was the end. I had a complete set, White Line Fever, some of the pedestrians, and most of it was painted up. In fact, some of my older work can still be seen on the Future Highways site.

Well, in ‘The Great GW Purge of ’05’ that last set was released into the wilds. I had no Dark Future, yet the game and its setting continued to tickle the back of my skull. However, I convinced myself I moved away from minis games and into the quick ‘grab-n-go’ nature of the booming board game industry.

Ultimately, board gaming as a main hobby left me feeling hollow. A lot of buying and wishing I was playing more than I actually was.

So, about two years ago, I got heavily back into minis games because of the very active local Blood Bowl tournament scene. It felt like a rudder on a drifting ship was fixed. The minis hobby is what I should have continued to have been a part of all along. I enjoy the modelling and painting aspect as even when I’m not gaming I get to interact with the hobby via arts-and-crafts.

So, I scouted for another copy of Dark Future…

In a little over two months time I went from no future to a very Dark Future:


You’re looking at:
* complete and unpunched box set
* unpunched box set only missing rulebook
* complete, mostly unpunched set with no box
* white line fever in shrink
* white line fever opened
* every novel written for the setting

I never thought I’d get back into it after letting my last collection go, now I’ve got more than I’ve ever owned (minus any infantry).

Got a few more DreadBall teams and a Blood Bowl team on my painting table, then I’m hitting this. I tend to go with my own colors and designs when painting, but with as many renegades as I now have I’m going to paint a large Maniax gang.

In 2017, I will begin the hunt for all the fantastic Alan Perry 20mm Dark Future character minis.

While you wait for painted shots…here’s a cool read with Graeme ‘WFRP’ Davis chronicling his involvement with Dark Future.

I plan to have future posts exploring the setting a little, some chop shop features with vehicles, and maybe some book reviews.

See you on the Dark Future highways of 1995!


4 thoughts on “Return to the Dark Future

  1. aurochjake says:

    Hi Mr. White,

    Clearly a big fan of the game! It’s great to see such enthusiasm.

    I wondered whether you’ve come across news of the upcoming adaptation, Dark Future: Blood Red States? We’re working on it at the moment, and I thought you may find it of interest 🙂

    Check out for more information.


    Auroch Digital

    • Mr. White says:

      Hi Jake,

      I have heard of Blood Red States and have been eagerly following its progress. Kudos for sticking to the original setting as well as wrapping the production up in a future-retro 80’s vibe.

      I’m not a big video game player, but am making an exception here.

      Looking forward to seeing the finished product!

      -Mr. White

      • aurochjake says:

        Great to hear 🙂

        We’ve followed GW in slightly updating the setting so it’s no longer in the distant future of 1995! We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to explore the vibrant world that so many before us have created and fleshed out.

        If you like the 80s influence, wait til you hear the sound design! Think Sigue Sigue Sputnik with a big old drop of Tangerine Dream.

        Thanks again,


  2. Mr. White says:

    I completely understand updating the timeline a bit. And I believe the Black Flame novels do so as well. I have yet to read them but will review those in the (very) near future.

    Either way, with the recent trend of synthwave and 80’s future aesthetic, I think you guys went in the correct direction for this title.

    BTW, Love Missile F1-11 and 21st Century Boy rule. 😉

    -Mr. White

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