MVP – Nightshade

“Nightshade, amazing play in the three-point zone, but Skreeg claims his boots were stuck to the grid. Any comment?”


BIO: Not much is known about the one who calls himself ‘Nightshade’. When he originally appeared around the PDL he was not thought of as the most spectacular of players. His play was often critiqued by commentator Chas Esperon, but Nightshade maintained his customary silence on the matter. It wasn’t until after Chas’ disappearance that the perception on his game began to be described as ‘inspired’ or at least ‘highly talented’.

No link has ever been made between Nightshade and any illegal activity. The main concerns are the number of strange coincidences that happen around him during games. Lighting will fail at crucial moments, allowing him to avoid opponents or appear in strike zones unmolested, flooring will become unstable at the most inopportune moments for his opponents, and strike targets have been known to fail to appear when opponents are about to score.

If a coach wonders aloud whether he just might be guilty of any wrongdoing remember this one thing: even if Nightshade refuses to comment…the facility is small…he probably knows where you bunk…


This model clearly looks like a good candidate for a Batman style treatment, but I never was much of a DC fan. However, I was into a sorta ‘not-Batman’ character from Marvel…Night Thrasher. Well, I was into the first run of the New Warriors through Nova, and Night Thrasher was the leader.


I understand he’s dead now, but I used his colors and get-up as an inspiration for painting this Nightshade model. I added a little more red and light grey though just to give the fig more color…a solid dark grey fig wouldn’t do.

This model took longer than it look because the detail on the face is incredibly small. I had to do the eyes over and over and over. Eventually, I just settled on “oh,well…guess he’s got white contacts” which is fine because his image in the season two book looks to have no pupils as well.


Though looking at the model now, I should have painted some checks on him because he’s clearly skanking…



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