MVP – The Enforcer

“Enforcer, excuse me, Enforcer. Any special message for all the fans?”

“Stay out of trouble”

BIO: Many ex-Dreadball players have joined the elite Corporation unit known as the Enforces, but as far as anyone knows this MVP is the only individual to make the change the other way. Some say the Enforcer is an AWOL member hiding in the outer sphere. Others claim he was sent to keep an eye on the sector. It’s also been reported that he is, in fact, a former Dreadball player coming back to the game. It’s hard to be certain, as the story around him keeps changing. But what is certain is that this individual does seem to own an almost entire suit of Enforcer battle armor – a rare and expensive piece of kit. It even retains the integral jump pack, which allows the Enforcer to be even faster and more agile than he doubtless is naturally. However he came to be, on the game grid he has limitless opportunity to express himself through the medium of violence; a prodigious talent he is happy to employ for anyone who can find his fee.


My painting has stalled a bit when it came to doing up the six MVPs for the league, but I decided to jump back into it and the Enforcer model seemed the easiest way to do it. I was right. The above individual was done with only three colors and took about 20mins. If I were to paint a Deadzone Enforcer faction similarly, I could probably do a whole group in about an hour. Basically, I used Chainmail Silver on a few parts, Adeptus Battlegrey on the others, and a spot of Ice Blue. Then I washed the whole mini with Nuln Oil and when dry did a sorta-dry brush of Chainmail Silver to shiny the armor bits and touched the Ice Blue to the chest light. Done.

Originally, I was thinking I’d paint him green with a purple face mask or maybe go with one of the many Iron Man variants that this model seems to be painted in frequently. In the end, I spotted what looked to be a Robocop take on the model and thought that was perfect. Initially I was thinking his chest light would be red, but being a guard and having a red front arc I wanted a little more color. Plus, Dreadball makes me think of neon blue and red, so going with the electric Ice Blue seemed natural.

One thing that I really enjoy about painting these sort of sci-fi models is that with spray paint technology, at the least, being a thing the models are really easy to paint. I mean, a fantasy model requires more colors as armor, straps, cloaks, boats, hair, etc are all different colors and also require their own shading. With sci-fi models one can assume the metal/hard plastic can simply be painted, so in the end you can paint a model with fewer colors and it still look sharp for the setting.



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