Team Photos

Been toying with the idea of standard team photos for my Dreadball squads. I think I like this current arrangement, but am wondering if I should put a filter on the corporate logo? It seems too crisp on top of my poor photos. Maybe if I softened the edges of the logos they would blend in a bit more?

I also need to start working more with lighting. I simply took these shots during the day near a window. Still, some photos have turned out better than others. The Phantoms at the bottom seem to be lighter on the left and darker on the right. Probably either a shadow from me or the trees outside. I think of thefour photos, the Miners at the top came out the most even. Maybe I’ll re-shoot the others some time.





In other news, I’m currently backing the second edition of Dreadball on kickstarter. I’m not sure the deal is there yet as even with an early bird, the base is set up at two teams and the base game. There’s a chance I wait until retail and buy the teams separately. This would give me time to finish painting the other teams and have something to buy. There’s supposedly a change coming to the campaign, so I’ll give it a few more days yet. It’s a fantastic game and I’d really like to see it get out in front of the impending Blood Bowl release, there’s plenty of room for both.


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