Minis Making Minis

Came home from work earlier this week to a production going on in the dining room. The kids were pounding and pulling away on some modelling clay and jumped in enthusiastic joy when I came in. Seems they wanted dad to have some new Blood Bowl figures so they set up shop to produce some. After a tour of their work, they begged and pleaded to get out my paints and paint brushes so we could all work on the new minis.


Above is a small sample of their work. They also molded quite a few for themselves, but those were more in the way of rocket ships, pokeballs, etc. Despite ‘this is fun!’ comments, the kids sort of lost patience on the painting part after about 20mins. My wife says they had worked for about two hours on the figs themselves, so I suppose at this point they’re more into converting rather than painting. Definitely my kids. 🙂

I actually used the painted robot in the photo in a game of DreadBall last night (wish I snapped a pic). I set him up as a guard deep in my half which my son was over joyed to see that one of the figs was actually being used.

Fun timing with this craft project…I have recently been considering teaching my son how to play DreadBall and to pique interest I made some painting modifications to one of my teams, the Ada Lorna. These are justice seeking energy beings who have a floating ball as their prone marker. I assume this is the nucleus the beings form around. Originally, I was going to have them be a team of Ada Lorna who were undercover as a DreadBall team as they investigated crimes in the PDL. I added a black stripe, white dot, and white bottom to what was an all red ball. Now, well, they have a bit of a different theme…


My son loves them, but seems to prefer that they be the Hoenn Corp. Phantoms as apparently there is some trainer/wizard/something in the Hoenn region that works with spirits/illusions. I will need to find a Void Sirens team in the near future for my daughter.

Though it’s fun that the kids were into wanting to share my hobby this week, it always does sort of give me pause as I don’t want them to go to deep into it. There can be a lot of heartbreak in a hobby like this as the ideas mount but the time or people to play may not be available. I’m cool with it for now so long as they continue to pursue other interests. This is an area I generally overthink. At 9, my son plays the piano and posted another top 3 placing in a foot race this weekend without any lead-up training time. Clearly he’s more well rounded than I was at his age so probably concerned over nothing.

Good kids!



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