Free Agency

With Free Agent season in effect in the NBA and our DreadBall League about to run its inaugural season…seems like a great time to talk about free agents.

Some months ago, I came across some random DB minis through trades. I found myself with a Convict team (a team I’m not into) and a Robot booster pack (not enough minis for a full team). Not wanting to waste the minis, I decided these two boxes would comprise the available free agent list for my league.

The Convict team is considered one of the higher tier teams in DB and seems to do fairly well in tournaments. Their jacks and strikers are identical to the human team players of the same position, except for their shock collars. In the place of a standard human guard, they’ve got a larger, less skillful brute…this chap has the threatening skill as well. According to the DB fluff, convict teams are really DB players in prisoner garb putting on a show until their collars are executed. Think masochist versions of this guy:


In our little corner of the DB Universe, the Pit Dreadball League (PDL), we have an oppressive regime running a backwater, exhibition league. Going for a ‘Gladiator’ or ‘RollarBall’ feel I definitely needed some victims on display that are not the players’ teams, who we hope to be the heroes. Enter, our convicts.


With only slight offenses on their records, these individuals weren’t cremated, but incarcerated, forced to serve out their time in a boiler room of sorts in The Pit (a mining facility on an asteroid in the outer edge of the Sphere). To make their lives worse, these souls may be forced to serve some of their time on the game grid. A team can buy some of a convict’s life from the Brothers-X and place them on their squad for a game. I have no idea how these players will work out as free agents. Maybe coaches won’t care to blow their collars, causing them great pain, in order for their team to get ahead. Maybe we’ll see some compassionate players. Who knows? I’ll report on that after a few weeks of play. In the meantime, we’ve got five convict players making up the bulk of a unique free agent list that reinforces the league setting and prevents the convict team from being a playable team in our league.


(tiles from Imperial Assault bought loose)

Additionally, there’s an old Pit Utility Droid (PUD) that can also be rented out by a team. Here’s where that Robot booster comes in. Again, I didn’t have enough models for a whole team, so here’s one PUD unit and his three different transformations. Where its back-plate once glowed as a cautionary sign for miners in The Pit, it now serves as a signal to its coach what state it’s in.





In real life free agent news….Kevin Durant. Incredible. I do agree that leaving a title contender team built around him for a championship team that has the most wins in NBA history…without Durant…does diminish his legacy quite a bit. However, sports are entertainment first and this has already provided for some great stories.

There’s the classic betrayal.

Y'all quick with the edits! 😂😭 (Credit: @kingkhristen) #WSHH

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And a rising hero. In an instant, Lebron James has turned into the hero of the NBA. With the Warriors already the likely favorites again next year, _without_ Durant, it’s now up to James and whatever coalition he can muster to take down this new Evil Empire.


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