08.02.13 – Wings of Glory

Year 1917. All across Europe, while men face a last-ditch battle in the mud of the trenches, colorful biplanes fly in the foggy sky, gallantly fighting each other as true “knights of the sky”.

  • spadlukederedosScenario I: A Race Against Time
The Allies must bring down an enemy balloon that is directing artillery fire against Allied trenches.
Rules: A Central Power Balloon starts at altitude 4 with 2 climb markers. Each turn a climb marker will be removed as the balloon descends (12 turns). One Ally plane will have balloon busting rockets, while a second plane will be equipped with incendiary bullets.
Allied Objective: Destroy the balloon before it can descend to the ground.
Central Powers Objective: Defend the balloon until it touches ground.
  • Scenario II: Dawn Patrol1zv8jk5
The Allies have to take pictures of Central Power artillery targets that are well-defended by a patrol of fighters.
Rules: If the balloon was destroyed in Scenario I, Allied ground forces overrun one of the artillery batteries and the Allies need to photograph only one. If the balloon was not destroyed, two artillery targets still exist and both must be photoed. To photograph, an Allied two-seater must have a conscience observer aboard and perform a stall maneuver at an altitude of 2 or less.
Allied Objective: Two-seater must photograph all targets and leave the board on the Allied side.

Central Powers Objective: Destroy the two-seater!

  • Pioneer_Sky_by_RadojavorScenario III: Flight of the Giant

Having destroyed the artillery target(s), a newly designed French Caproni bomber is badly damaged and must be escorted to a safe landing field. It must not fall into the enemy’s hands!

Rules: Coming on the board at the beginning of the third turn, The Caproni will have the following number of structure points based on the previous scenario results:
  • Two targets, both photographed: 20 points
  • Two targets, one photographed: 15 points
  • Two targets, none photographed: 12 points
  • One target, photographed: 20 points
  • One target, not photographed: 15 points
Allied Objective: Escort the Caproni off the opposite of the board.
Central Powers Objective: Down the Caproni!

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