Iron Dragon and Rankin/Bass Appreciation Night!


BGG Description:

“In Iron Dragon, probably the most elaborate of the crayon rail games from Mayfair Games, players are set within a fantasy world attempting to create an extensive and profitable rail network. Players use crayons to draw their rail lines on the game board itself and use their existing rail lines to pick up and deliver commodities for payouts dictated by cards.”

I don’t know if I want to go more than four on this. Four will already be about four hours. However, it’ll be a treat as The Pit will also be screening the Rankin/Bass classics The Last Unicorn and Return of the King.


Which night works best? Tuesday 7th or Thursday the 9th?

Leave a comment with the preferred date.

Also, The Pit just made an arrangement with our distributor and will now stock diet softdrinks as well!


7 thoughts on “Iron Dragon and Rankin/Bass Appreciation Night!

  1. Mr. White says:

    Nope haven’t given up on anything. I guess James hasn’t been available yet so I’m putting some games on the calendar. I figure James will post when he’s ready to roll. I think Tuesday should work for me.

  2. jcmwpacct says:

    I know you guys have put snippets of backstory up, but I can’t navigate WP I guess. What’s frustrating is that I’ve seen them but can’t find them now.

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