Mordheim Ruined Building 2


Unfortunately, I recently had a hard drive crash and lost a LOT of things including the pictures of this building getting built. Essentially, the techniques used were exaclty the same as the last building, with the notable difference being that I used crochet mesh, cut to size to simulate multi-paned windows. Just one way to give different buildings a bit of character and help each one look just a little different. I personally don’t like tables where all the terrain looks very uniform.

Again, questions, comments, and criticisms are always welcome.






13 thoughts on “Mordheim Ruined Building 2

    • Mr. White says:

      Yeah, Mordheim will likely go first, but Necromunda/Shadowrun: Sprawl Gangers will be featured later in the year/early next.

      It might not be the worst idea if you and Mike set up a carpool situation.

      • I can start working on sci-fi terrain pretty soon. I haven’t only made fantasy terrain so far but I think I can figure the sci-fi thing out. I wonder if the shadowrun rules are going to be like Necro where the terrain is very interactive or if it will be like 40k where the terrain is really more like pretty hills.

    • i guess, in the end, we’ll just have to wait for the game to come out and see what’s in the box and in the rules. in the meantime, i/we can start making some necro style terrain. i’m sure it will be usable. if anyone wants to give terrain making a go, i would be glad to have/host a “terrain night” where we can share ideas and techniques. i love making terrain but help is always nice. 🙂

  1. Mr. White says:

    I’d love to, but I’m more the ‘idea guy’ or cheerleader as it were. In fact, I’m thinking by August you’ll have lots of cool terrain we could do up a big Mordhiem campaign at the Austin Board Game Bash. James Lowe and Aaron Rathz will both be in town for the Bash and they like the Mordheim as well.

    My idea of prepping terrain is looting my son’s crossbows and catapults game…but I’ll come out for laughs and support.

  2. Mr. White says:

    Thinking about it, I’m likely to lean more towards SR:SG than Necro. Playing BB and Mordhiem is wading enough in GW’s pool for me. Shadowrun will bit a bit more unique. That and I’ve got BlockMania for 2000AD style thrills. That said, I’m sure the terrain and minis will be fine for both so carry on. 🙂

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