04.23.13 – DDAS Campaign 1.3

Welcome to Barovia! With Castle Ravenloft casting a long shadow, the party of Fruuk and Shmendrik (…and Ven! …and hopefully some others) hope to bring light to the mists of Barovia.

This is the final leg of the 3-session Dungeons & Dragons Adventure System campaign. When we do another one in the future there will be some tweaks to give reason to complete scenarios, hire hands, amass gold, etc.

  • 7pm in The Pit
  • Drinks provided
  • Bring light snacks
  • Anyone have the Suspiria soundtrack?

6 thoughts on “04.23.13 – DDAS Campaign 1.3

  1. jeffwhite says:

    Mike and I played Drizzt last night and I think he’s going to bring his fighter into the mists of Ravenloft with us. The guy was a tank…well except when we bottled out almost immediately after encountering our first troll in the second scenario. That’s twice adventuring on the Sword Coast has kicked our @$$…and it’s supposed to be the ‘easy’ one!

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