04.11.13 – Minion Hunter


“It is the very near future, and America is under siege by creatures of evil, creatures that feast on human suffering. Their minions spawned humanity’s darkest myths — its stories of blood drinkers, flesh eaters, shape changers, and soul stealers. Legends speak of them as vampires, zombies, ogres, ghosts, and ghouls, but the reality is far worse than had been imagined. Now they haunt a ravaged nation, stalking its lonely city streets, prowling its ruined countrysides, striving always to drive humanity to madness and despair.

But sometimes the hunters become the hunted. Sometimes the prey stands up and fights back. Even in these dark times, there are individuals who uncover the plots behind the nation’s slide into ruin and work against them.”

  • The hunt begins at 7pm in The Pit
  • Drinks provided
  • Bring a light snack
  • Escape From New York soundtrack (if anyone has They Live soundtrack, bring it!)

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