DDAS Campaign: 1.2

town-bridgeAfter liberating Mithril Hall from the dragon Shimmergloom, and leaving their companion, Bullbear The Barbarian, caged like a rat in Drow tunnels, The Party of Fruuk and Schmendrik (Uh… you won’t have heard of him) arrive in Longbridge. What mischief will they get into? Who will be the next casualty of their escapades? Will a hireling ever survive? Come find out Tuesday night. A hero is needed as we haven’t found one yet….

If you don’t already have a character, take a look at the options below and let me know which one I need to print out.


  • 7pmish at The Pit
  • Drinks will be provided
  • Bring a light snack
  • Fantasy Soundtrack or KLBJ flavored hard rock?

3 thoughts on “DDAS Campaign: 1.2

  1. jcmwpacct says:

    Fruuk is ready for the next fight. I’m ready to put a hurt on any opponent, but NEVER actually complete the kill. Blood will flow! But not too much until help arrives!!!

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