06.07.12 – Crash on Volturnus

“Sigma XIII is the codename for the Galactic Task Force’s daring, highly trained special mission force. It’s purpose, to defend the United Planetary Federation against the Sathar – a ruthless, alien empire determined to rule the galaxy.”

Players are members of Sigma XIII. PDFs to the rules for character creation is found here. Characters need a ‘hook’, _very_ brief background and description (being part of Sigma XIII nearly anything goes), and a catchphrase.

  • Go time is 7pm
  • Drinks and light snacks on hand

2 thoughts on “06.07.12 – Crash on Volturnus

  1. jeffwhite says:

    Anything that drives the character and can be used to tie them into the narrative. Basically, anything that gets them up in the morning.

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