05.10.12 – Talisman & Groo

Starting the evening out with a game of Talisman – the Magical Quest Game. Legend has it he who owns a Talisman may possess the power of the Crown of Command! Players will take the role of either good, neutral, or evil characters and team up on a race for the crown.

Following that up with Groo – the Card Game. Build your town, equip your army, wage war! Groo is a ‘hot potato’ game where a visit from the wandering barbarian can wreck the plans of any king.

Hex 198 will also be screening the 80’s classics, Hawk the Slayer and Conan the Barbarian. Conan needs no introduction, but check the trailer to your new favorite movie…Hawk the Slayer!

Don’t err, come out for a night of fantasy adventure.

  • Go time is 7pm
  • All games 1-6 players
  • Drinks and light snacks on hand
  • Leave comment if attending

4 thoughts on “05.10.12 – Talisman & Groo

  1. SGT Dave says:

    I’ll be there if the baby isn’t born yet. Do you want me to bring the whole enchilada Talisman+all expansions?

  2. jeffwhite says:

    Talisman is a fairly simple game, I’m sure it won’t take too long for the baby to pick up the mechanics. I’ve got the game, but thanks for the offer!

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