05.24.12 – Talisman/Groo Take II

There was some confusion last time and two players missed out. We ended up playing a two-player game last session, but we’re going to give Talisman and Groo another go next week.

Screening will be Conan and Hawk the Slayer.

  • Leave comment if attending
  • Both games 1-6 players
  • Go time is 7pm
  • Drinks and light snacks on hand
  • (2-player game night will be rescheduled)

9 thoughts on “05.24.12 – Talisman/Groo Take II

  1. Fritters says:

    I’ll be there and MUST PLAY CRUSADER REX. Also bringing Claustrophobia and the expansion De Profundis, 2 de Mayo, and Taktika.

    • Fritters says:

      Only if Jeff invited it and it is committed to playing 2-player games.

      Congrats Sgt. Dave! Boy or Girl?

  2. jeffwhite says:

    If you can get out of the house with a 7 day old infant, by all means bring him along!
    I could be persuaded to play some Crusader Rex, but only if I’m the Franks.

      • Fritters says:

        Sure you can be the Knight Charging Franks. I am more of a Harrying Saracen myself.
        I’d better refrain from commenting on Talisman . . . don’t want to scare the others away from your game. If I am going to spend that much time playing a game, I’d rather play Hannibal: Carthage v. Rome TWICE!

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